When In Rome (Ostia Antica)

Ostia Antica is what remains of the ancient port city on the coast to the west just a short journey beyond Rome. It makes for a fascinating day out and seems ideal for children as well as adults. But today we had the place almost to ourselves. It took less than an hour (and just a standard one Euro ticket) from Termini to the station at Ostia Antica, and the cafe there was great for lunch. So where was everyone? This is vast and enormously important historic site you could visit again and again.

It’s easier to reach Ostia Antica by train than might be imagined. You can get the Metro (Line B Laurentina till Magliana, from Termini) to Piramide and then transfer (don’t go through the ticket barrier, just move across to the other platforms) to the Roma Lido train to C.Colombo, alighting at Ostia Antica stop. From there it’s a stroll to the actual site – the only snag being the massive steps up and down near the station, to cross the main road, which means you will need to arrive by car (map) if you have a wheelchair:

From there it’s across another busy smaller road, and down a tree-lined lane until you reach the gate, along to the left as you arrive. Your ticket for the day (2011 prices – check all access details here) will cost 6.50 Euros, and a map of the site is just a small sum extra.

The order in which you explore the site – some two or more kilometers across – after you enter depends on your choice from the suggested routes, but you will almost certainly see the amphitheatre and some of the commercial buildings (the Thermopolium served hot meals with music in the courtyard):

And then you might go via the ancient storage pots to the very modern museum, cafe and shop….

… perhaps also availing yourself of the modern equivalent of this extraordinary ancient facility:

And so you can continue to wander and explore. There are mosaics to be seen….

…. and quiet places to roam….

And still within the hour you can return to that ever-busy hub of our contemporary world, the modern city that is Rome.

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