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Hilary Burrage is a professional writer, researcher and consultant working mainly in the areas of sustainability, regeneration, social policy and knowledge ecology. She has a Master’s degree in Sociology, is a qualified teacher (including professional training courses about sustainable communities, entirely on-line) and is, or has recently been, a Non-Executive Director and / or member of a range of national and regional bodies concerned with progressive policy implementation. Hilary is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA) and Executive Chair of the Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Foundation.

Details of Hilary’s professional services are given here, or please visit her professional website, Hilary Burrage.

A brief lighthearted account of Hilary’s career and activities to date is available here and a list of her publications etc can be found here.

Hilary Burrage has been blogging since 2005 about the many and varied interests and experiences she shares with friends, colleagues and others in her wider world. 

For Hilary, writing serves to help her think about the complex and fascinating times we live in.  For her readers, she hopes, it serves to offer one perspective on various ideas and events as they arise; and perhaps it also helps to preserve a small part our shared experience as the years pass and change occurs so rapidly around us.

Dreaming Realist carries all the general, non-work-related content of Hilary’s original website (the eponymous blog Hilary Burrage which is now a focus for her professional interests and activities) and is also developing an even wider range of subjects and photographs for you to enjoy, and to comment on as before.

Hilary also has another website, a million small conversations, which is about ways to engage in dialogue for positive change. Please do visit and share your thoughts there, as well.


* Email Hilary here

* Twitter: @DrmingRealist

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