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Ed Miliband Is Concerned About Immigrant Workers; He Should Also Worry About Large, Wealthy Families And Dwindling Resources

Rick of Flip Chart Fairy Tales has written a very thoughtful piece about Ed Miliband’s recent speech on ‘ordinary’ people’s concerns around so-called immigrant workers.  Miliband and Rick are right that this needs to be discussed openly, not least to encourage responsible debate. But I have suggested in a response to Rick’s blogpost that there’s also another dimension to be factored in, viz, population in the demographic sense, and the economic / resource demands especially of large, wealthy indigenous families.

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Big Society Voluntarism Harms The Knowledge Base

Summary: The Big Society so far is no fun at all. I seem to be spending my time (voluntarily) offering www-style tea and sympathy all round.  Almost daily emails arrive from hard-working and committed contacts, saying that their job is coming to an end and they have no clear idea what will happen next. Grim policies mean unemployment stats will get worse still, but much more is being lost than is measured. There’s no provision to retain core knowledge or maintain legacy.

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