Longest Day, Lightest Night, Least Energy Lost

10.06.21 Liverpool summer solstice ~ the longest day (evening) ~ a wind turbine in the Mersey estuary provides energy as the sun setsThis is the longest day of the year, a day and night when darkness barely touches the River Mersey or the historic ports of Liverpool and the Wirral to each side of that river’s great estuary. But even on this solstice day it’s not all about heritage. The estuary’s traditional maritime installations are here matched by the forward-looking technology of wind turbines, a constant reminder that energy is not ours to squander. Longer evening light, with the clocks forward year-through as 10:10 proposes, would help reduce this waste consistently without effort.

10.06.21 Liverpool the longest day (evening) Mersey Estuary wind turbines

10.06.21 Liverpool the longest day (evening) Wirral skyline and Mersey Estuary wind turbines

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  1. Thanks Dy, but just to mention, the pics above are of the Mersey… not all that Southern, and certainly North of Watford Gap!

    Please also BST: British Summer Time And ‘Daylight Saving’

  2. Keeping british summer time in perpetuity is a seriously bad idea.
    It has been tried before when I lived further north than Watford Gap.
    Southerns do not have to send their children to school in the dark to satisfy those who wish to have the same time as France.
    Go to France if you want French time!

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