Liverpool Enjoys Sun And Fun

10.06.05   Liverpool One goes 'green' The sun shone warmly on Liverpool’s Lord Mayor’s Parade today (Saturday 5 June 2010), and afterwards people thronged happily in the city centre.
Bandspeople made their way along Church Street past a musician with more ancient instrumental traditions, and in the retail area of Liverpool One shoppers took time out to relax on a fake lawn, in the company of an enormous frog and fairy-tale toadstools. The city centre in the sun was fun, and Liverpool was today indeed a World In One City.

10.06.05   Liverpool Church Street bandspeople and strollers 007aaa 600x418

10.06.05   Liverpool Church Street musician (with kora, an African instrument) 016aaa 600x600
[The instrument this musician is playing is a kora, a 21-string harp-lute used extensively by the peoples of West Africa.]

10.06.05   Liverpool One goes 'green' 012aaa 600x600

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