The ‘Big Society’ Idea

Big Society not Big GovernmentThe ‘Big Society’ is one of the ideas put forward by new Prime Minister David Cameron to ‘heal’ what he cavalierly refers to as Broken Britain. Based, as this idea is, on the concept of ‘dysfunctional communities’, success as described in Conservative literature is unlikely – not least because the idea that entire communities of themselves can be dysfunctional demonstrates a very pessimistic view of our fellow citizens.

How bizarre, then, that this concept should have appeared unexplained as a large poster pasted onto a telephone box in City Road, London….

10.04.27 Big Society not Big Government phone box City Road 016aa 600x600

The poster which you see stuck on this telephone box is a replica of the title page of the Conservative’s Big Society proposal document.

My reasons for serious and fundamental doubts about whether David Cameron’s ‘Big Society’ can be delivered in the way he anticipates can be seen here.

But whether I prove to be right or not, surely we all struggle to understand why this idea is being promulgated in such strange and stark isolation on a phone box in Hoxton.

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