From Regeneration To Sustainability: A Northern Take On Knowledge

Summary: This is a version of the Keynote Lecture I gave at the NUREC 2008 conference, in Liverpool on 28 July 08.
In it we explore the connections between Knowledge Economies and Ecologies, and Big Science and Regeneration, especially in regional and sub-regional settings, and in respect of issues around Sustainability.
My basic thesis is that Knowledge is not yet recognised for the fundamental resource it surely is.

A complete version of this paper can be found on Hilary’s professional website, here.

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  1. I wonder about the extent to which the expansion of Higher Education over the last 10 or so years have been completely mis-aligned with the needs of the economy.
    School pupils often select course based on imperfect information and Universities are not financially incentivised to restrict numbers on any course irrespective of the chances of employment.
    Meanwhile, industry has little direct influence.
    Given the debt levels students must take on, this policy approach seems niave.

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