The Liverpool Orrery Comes To Hope Street

08.05.29 Hope Street Liverpool Orrery Suitcases 147x98  001a.jpg The Liverpool Orrery came to Hope Street last week, to the Suitcases plateau; and with it came lots of happy and excited children, eager to see the universe from the Unity Theatre’s special SplatterFest! perspective. Using the public realm like this shows more clearly than any words how creativity can engage our communities and our imaginations.
08.05.29 Hope Street  Liverpool Orrery  Suitcases 500x449   003a.jpg
08.05.29  The Liverpool Orrery & Suitcases Hope Street  Splatterfest 500x380 007a.jpg
Read more about the Hope Street Quarter and the ‘Suitcases’ (A Case Study).
See more photographs: Camera & Calendar.
What is an Orrery? Find out here; and read about Unity Theatre and SplatterFest!.

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