Should We Keep British Summer Time All Year?

U.K. clocks go forward on Sunday morning, 30 March ’08, and the lighter evenings which British Summer Time brings will cheer up almost everyone. But there would also be many other anticipated benefits, from road safety to energy conservation and healthier lifestyles, were we to keep ‘Daylight Saving’ all year. A Downing Street petition has now been set up to urge a continuous BST trial period of three years, with research to establish the extent of these benefits.
‘Daylight Saving’ is an issue which won’t go away. And now there’s a Petition to the Prime Minister, asking him to not to let that precious extra hour of afternoon light go away in the Winter either.
Downing Street petition
The Downing Street petition aims to ‘make better use of the limited daylight we receive’. It reads as follows:
We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to consider a change to the current system of British Summer Time / Greenwich Mean Time (BST/GMT). This could consist of a trial period (similar to that adopted 1968 to 1971) and could take the form of a move to year round BST, or a 1 hour shift to GMT+1/GMT+2. Research shows that such a move could reduce carbon dioxide emissions, reduce road deaths, facilitate business with Europe, potentially boost tourism, increase outdoor activity, promote healthier lifestyles and enhance the well being of UK citizens.
You can read more detail of the Petition, and / or sign it, here.
BST Facebook group
There is also a Facebook group, set up like the Downing Street petition by Dave Alexander, which seeks to ‘raise support of and debate the possibilities and benefits regarding changes / trials of different time zone options for Britain…..This could reduce carbon dioxide emissions, reduce road deaths, facilitate business with Europe, potentially boost tourism, increase outdoor activity, promote healthier lifestyles and enhance the well being of UK citizens.
An enduring idea
This is by no means a new proposal, as we have already established very firmly on this website, but the need to get some action becomes greater with each year. If further debate is needed, the BST: British Summer Time & ‘Daylight Saving’ section of this weblog remains a forum where everyone from the South coast to scattered Scottish isles is welcome to share their ideas.
Discussion is however no substitute for evidence-based action. Health, energy sustainability and accident prevention are too important to ignore.
This article was also published as a New Start external blog.
Read more: BST: British Summer Time & ‘Daylight Saving’ (The Clocks Go Back & Forward)

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  1. For the last few years I have written to my MP every October to express my disgust at the “daylight wasting programme”
    He sypathises with me and there has been an unsuccesful attempt to get a Private Members Bill read in Parliament.
    I am really disgusted by the way that the majority UK residents wishes are ignored.
    RoSPA are asking for a trial on safety grounds,but it seems to fall on deaf ears.
    What can we do?
    Would a mass demonstration at Westminster help,because I’m sure a great number would turn up.

  2. putting back the clocks damages society because more and more people get run over and killed each year during the darker winter afternoons when the clocks go back and, also more and more people too, especially with special needs are more at risk of being attacked after dark as well.
    i think that putting back the clocks each year is totally rididculous and it must stop right now and not later on each.
    i certainly want england to be on the same time zone as with the rest of central europe put together and, if scotland dicides to opt out it’s fine with them.
    i think the clocks should go forwards two hours next march the 29th 2009 instead of just one hour which will be called british double summer time and, then revert back just one hour instead of two hours to the old civil time plus one hour on sunday ocotber the 25th 2009 instead of the old civil time.
    I AM FEDUP TO MY BACK TEETH WITH ALL THOSE DARKER WINTER AFTERNOONS and, now the time has come for a three year experimental or trial period if it can meaan starting of by advancing the clocks on two hours next march the 29th 2009 instead of one hour.
    no wonder i am a misery of the old time system must stop right now.
    the british government will have to learn to take matters more seriously about the consiquences of all road deaths, injuries and also more people being attacked after dark, if not someone else shall be elected then into power.
    david hughes

  3. Bring England in line with European time, if Scotland doesn’t wish to follow they have their own parliament and so could pass their own legislation on the subject.

  4. we’ve just passed the 500 signatures mark…. 3 weeks till the clocks are altered for the worse.

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