Welcome To Liverpool Fringe! Website

cheery fiddler 100x110.jpg This is the original website of Liverpool Fringe!, which was formally launched on 21st November 2007.

The website carries News, Views and information about Liverpool Fringe Events, as well as Fringe! backstories.
For day-by-day information on events as they are confirmed, click here.

You can find more back-stories on the links below

Liverpool Fringe Events
Liverpool Fringe News
Liverpool Fringe: The Formals

Then, when you’ve read the Fringe! news, please do post your ideas and views in the (moderated) Comments box below each piece.

To read more please click on the links as indicated (e.g. Liverpool Fringe News).

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  1. peter worthington

    If you would like to get involved in the Liverpool Fringe Festival then please email us via the link above and we’ll get back to you.

  2. Hi I represent MUCK the Mersey Uncut Comedy Kollective. Check us on muckcomedy.com. We did the Edinburgh Fringe last year and have three weeks there this year – 2008. Naturally we would be interested in what your doing. How would a group of non profit stand up figures in all this?

  3. Hello,
    Helen here (musician, manager and entrepreneur)
    Great idea folks. I came to the meeting last year. I really hope the creative people and the good organisers of this city can make this work.
    Thanks for all the work that’s gone in thus far, really great first meeting with some great speakers.
    Many thanks

  4. Hi,
    This is very coincidential as we also have launched a sort of fringe, called “City of Culture 08”.
    I guess it is a bit more politic as we call for “A Capital of Culture for the Millions, not the millionaires” and launched by the CNWP around film series to rediscover the role of labour and the working class into Liverpool history and culture as this has been totally ignored by the Culture Company.
    We have launched our own blog: http://www.myspace.com/cityofculture08 and already have over 200 friends, including many local bands.
    We will have a launch event on 26th January, day of the World Social Forum and already have a logo. May post more info soon.

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