Liverpool Fringe! Back Story

HOPES Banners (92x147) Millennium Festival.jpg Liverpool Community Network Arts and Culture Steering Group has been working to establish Liverpool Fringe! for many months; the idea first arose early in 2006. Here Katie Beales, the LCN’s new Arts and Culture Development Officer, gives a brief rundown of what has been achieved by the Arts and Culture Steering Group so far.
Katie Beales LCVS  LCN Arts&Culture (168x167) 07.11.21 008aa.jpg Katie Beales of Liverpool Community Network writes:
The Liverpool Community Network Arts and Culture Network (for which I am now Development Officer) has been active in preparation for a Liverpool Fringe Festival for almost two years.
Work to achieve this aim has been undertaken by the LCN Arts and Culture Steering Group, in collaboration also with other officers of Liverpool Charity and Voluntary Services (LCVS) and LCN.
Milestones to date
The Arts and Culture Network Steering Group has:
– Set up a Fringe Working Group separate to the Network but accountable to it, to progress working towards the Fringe happening in Summer 08.
– Secured the Liverpool Fringe! website domains (as you see here).
– Applied for funding.
– Sent out a call to partners and had initial discussions with organisations such as BDE Dance Fringe, HOPES: The Hope Street Association and Liverpool Film Festival amongst others.
– Developed relationship with Edinburgh Fringe, and undertaken a planning trip to Edinburgh to visit Fringe staff team, and met with strategic people connected to the Edinburgh Fringe.
– In discussion with partners such as the North West Regional Assembly and the NW TUC, considered joint working to deliver the Fringe.
– Developed a good working relationship with the Liverpool Culture Company, who are supportive. (However, it should be noted that the Liverpool Fringe Festival are not approaching the Culture Company for financial backing in order to maintain the integrity of the festival as a fully ‘Fringe’ event.)
What we are looking for now
We welcome all individuals or groups who are interested in being involved! And by all we mean all!
You may have a play you want to see performed in the city next year, or a venue which you would like to be filled with an arts event… you may be a business or media group looking to offer sponsorship financially or in kind… We particularly want to hear from people who are interested in doing something really creative and exciting in our City.
To get involved, please contact us:
Fringe hotline ~ 07528 295012
Email ~ Liverpool Fringe! Festival

LCN Arts & Culture Steering Group (139x308) 07.02.22 4302.jpg
LCN Arts & Culture Steering Group  (93x164) 07.02.22 4304a.jpg

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  1. I think this is a fantastic thing and should have been done years ago. At last! in our cultural year we are celebrating the individual, small and medium sized local artists. So I say, here’s to the future… our future is bright (sorry, was that a ‘copy’)

  2. I think the idea of a Fringe festival in Liverpool is on the face of it a very good one, however doubts are raised about the modal being used. The idea of emulating Edinburgh is in some ways playing catch up or copy cat.
    The very reason that the Edinburgh Fringe festival works so well is because there is nothing else quite like it. Its unique not only in its style but in its location. There are many reasons why it works but in my opinion their can only be one Edinburgh Fringe.
    Many people have tried and failed to copy its success and the key word is ‘copy’ don’t you think that one fringe festival a year in the UK is enough?
    I’ll tell you why- The Edinburgh Fringe attracts hundreds of promoters, producers, organisers etc from around the globe and for this very reason artists and performers are not only prepared to put on shows for free but to actually pay for the privilege of taking part in the hope of picking up a lucrative contract- It’s all a big gamble but Edinburgh has had very many years to build its reputation and to attract the big guns.
    I’m sorry if I sound cynical but the emulation of this success is a hard road to follow, a mountain to climb. We (myself and my partner) make a full time living from working at festivals and events throughout the UK and abroad so I do know something about how the festival circuit works and the truth of the matter is that the majority of promoters and artists would be loathed to turn out a second and expensive for them time in one year.
    To do that you would need to have a unique selling point. It’s not enough to call yourself – Liverpool’s answer to The Edinburgh Fringe! I am not knocking the commitment or passion that individuals may have for this project but the working modal is in my opinion wrong and doomed to fail.
    Best Wishes
    Urban Phil

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