Women’s No Pay Day

Women & shopping trolleys 3916a (89x111).jpg Today (30 October) is UNISON and the Fawcett Society’s ‘Women’s No Pay Day’ – i.e. the date in the U.K. year when, compared with men’s average wage for a given job, women doing it cease to be paid. But there are many people, men and women alike, who are determined that things will change, and change much more quickly than to date.
This is what the Fawcett Society has to say about women’s pay in the UK:
Facts on the inequality gaps
There has been a revolution in some aspects of women’s lives over the past 30 years.
And yet, social and economic justice remains a distant dream for women in the UK, which is why Fawcett’s work is needed as much as ever.
Women working full-time are paid on average 17% less an hour than men (or 38% less if they work part-time)
Women make up less than 20% of MPs and ethnic minority women make up just 0.3% of MPs.
96% of executive directors of the UK’s top 100 companies are men.

Sign the petition to Gordon Brown
As Fawcett says, it only takes a few seconds to support the Women’s No Pay Day campaign. By signing a petition on the Number 10 website everyone who values equality can ask the Prime Minister to take stronger action on the pay gap .
Click here to sign the Equal Pay Petition to Gordon Brown, asking the Prime Minister to ‘admit that current pay laws are not working and bring in stronger measures’.

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