Cherry Blossom For May Day In Sefton Park, Liverpool

The cherry blossom in Liverpool’s Sefton Park has been very early this year; it has already offered much delight to those who stroll along the middle lakesides, the blossoms pink, cream, white and even cerise. But one tree is still in glorious full bloom as we reach May Day eve.

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Liverpool’s Sefton Park, Swans, Herons And Grebes

Sefton Park, Liverpool: Winter Solstice 2006
Friends Of Sefton Park

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  1. unfortunately the swans are busy building up a nest near the island in the boating lake- it is quite moving to see them working so hard and co-operatively -but how safe – if the mud dries out will it make the eggs and babies accessible?
    They are either so confident of their size, so determined, or so silly that they have taken no notice of the lack of water and the contractors etc. This may be one year in a dozen when they don’t make it?

  2. What a beautiful sight! How it reminds me of the wonderful weather we had in April before the monsoon!

  3. Lovely picture Hilary

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