Introducing Elegant Music ~ Classical Music & Easy Listening For Events

Elegant Music is a long-established, independent free-lance ensemble of fully professional classically-trained musicians who provide high quality music and easy listening for private, family and corporate events, after-dinner and soiree concerts, and special occasions. As individual players and singers we appear in our own rights with the North West’s most prestigious symphony orchestras and other performing arts organisations; and we come together as Elegant Music to offer classical music and lighter musical entertainment in venues across the region and beyond.
From Salon to Celebration, from Intimate to Corporate, we have music to suit your requirements. Please contact us, or read on…

Amongst Elegant Music‘s many previous engagements are concerts, dinners and weddings in venues as varied as Liverpool Town Hall, St. George’s Hall, Blackburne House, Croxteth Hall, Sefton Park Palm House and many hotels in the region – including the opening event of the Liverpool Crowne Plaza – as well as at numerous private parties and exclusive corporate events.
In addition to the numerous events which have been organised by private individuals and families, our clients have included the the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce, the University of Liverpool, Sefton Flower Show, Liverpool’s Met Quarter and many professional and commercial organisations.
Every occasion is unique
Elegant Music treats every occasion as unique. We know that you, the client, will have particular requirements, preferences,
themes or whatever which will make the occasion special for you, and we are happy to collaborate with you to produce a tailor-made programme of music, formal or light entertainment, which will be exactly right for that specific event.
A small but flexible group
Generally, Elegant Music comprises three to five performers (perhaps a string quartet – two violinists, a violist and a ‘cello; or maybe a trio with keyboard, strings and / or a singer); but we can provide any number of performers from one (say, a pianist, singer, violinist or organist) or two up to, e.g., a whole Viennese or symphony orchestra, to suit your requirements.
Contact us early to discuss musical options
We suggest you contact us as early as possible in the preparation of your event planning, to discuss the sort of music you would
like; with notice we can usually meet a wide range of requirements. But if you prefer, we can of course offer a ready-made package, should time or other pressures make this the best option.
Jazz or classical, modern or romantic, Beethoven or Beatles, we have the music to meet your needs.
Styled to suit
And similarly with presentation – we know that how things look is also important. The style of the event is yours to choose. Jazzy waistcoats to full evening dress, day wear to black tie, your Elegant Music musicians will be pleased to perform in whatever dress code you select!
Advice to help you decide
We will happily provide information on our fees, answer any
questions and, if perhaps you are new to organising events (e.g. for a family wedding), guide you through the preparations which will ensure that the music for your special occasion is just as you want it.
We are also of course very pleased to discuss options and possibilities with the organisers of larger and / or corporate events.
No obligation discussion
For a no obligation discussion, please contact us with your phone number and information about your general requirements via this link.
We look forward to hearing from you!

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