Where’s The Classical Music In The Summer? An Idea…

Musicians (small).bmpIt’s surprising that so little music happens in most European cities in August. Obviously some musicians take their holidays then, but others might be pleased to work during the holiday period. The scope for entertaining and engaging tourists and visitors during the high summer season is probably quite significant.

Whether one is in the U.K. or most other European cities, there are very few concerts – classical or indeed of other genres – in August. Yet the holiday high season is when most people have the time and inclination to relax and enjoy music.
How about forming groups of (willing) musicians from the major orchestras and ensembles – no need to audition, they’re already in top bands! – and touring with them to bring good music of many sorts to people, young and older, in different and exciting contexts during the summer season?
Would it work? Would the idea get the sort of support from financiers and audiences alike that it would need? Would it reach people who might not otherwise attend such performances?
Tell us what you think, in the Comments box below…
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