Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral Of Christ The King

Hope Street Liverpool (RC Catholic) Cathedral spires Sometimes the sun seems to beam right along Liverpool’s Hope Street as though it had a special route to the heart of the city. When dark clouds lie behind the Cathedral, the effect of this noonday shaft of light is dazzling.
06.11.09 Liverpool Metropolitan (RC  Catholic) Cathedral of Christ the King

See more photos of Liverpool’s Cathedrals and celebrating communities on Hope Street href=””>here [Liverpool’s Two Cathedrals] and below….
Read more about Hope Street Quarter.
Information on Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral is available here
Hope Street & Liverpool Metropolitan (RC Catholic) Cathedral 06.10.01

Hope Street (Brouhaha dance performance, Liverpool Metropolitan (RC Catholic) Cathedral steps & lighting) 06.07.28

Hope Street 'Suitcase' steps LIPA, to Liverpool (RC Catholic) Cathedral 06.10.01

HOPES: The Hope Street Association ~ Millennium Festival Launch Italian Flagthrowers on steps of Liverpool Metropolitan (RC Catholic) Cathedral 2000.06.09

See also photgraphs at Calendar & Camera and Liverpool (Anglican) Cathedral.

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  1. i like liverpool it is good to walk around

  2. You are of course very welcome, Derek.
    Thank you for asking. I am always pleased to give no-cost permissions for appropriate charitable and non-commercial use, subject only to acknowledgement.
    All best wishes for your new website! Maybe you can post the link here when it’s complete?

  3. The Friends of Cathedral Music is a charity dedicated to supporting cathedral choirs to maintain the British tradition of choral singing.
    We are rebuilding our website and would like permission to use your photo of Liverpool Metropolitan cathedral as a small illustration on our web site page on this cathedral. This is intended to encourage website visitors to visit the cathedrals.

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