British Summer Time Draws To A Close

Clock (small) 06.9.5 002.jpg The nights are drawing in, and the debate is beginning once more… Must we really turn our meagrely lit afternoons into even more gloom? Maintaining the extra hour of afternoon daylight year-long, over and above British Standard Time (BST), well compensates most people for even darker mornings, as reports by RoSPA amongst others have demonstrated. The net benefits to the economy, energy savings, health, safety and, for instance, for the leisure industry, would be many.
Already talk is turning to the dreaded day that The Clocks Go Back – this year, Sunday 29 October at 2 a.m, in the U.K.. What daylight we may have enjoyed at 4 p.m. on 28th October will now be our allocation for just 3 p.m. on Sunday 29th; and it will get a lot worse before it gets any better, in March next year, when British Summer Time returns.
Why can’t we just keep to British Summer Time (BST; confusingly the same initials as the 1968-71 trial British Standard Time)? British Summer Time is Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) plus one hour. The evidence shows benefits on balance would be an improvement in our overall quality of life. It’s been tried, from 1968-71, and it worked. And that was before issues around energy saving etc were deemed critical as well.
Background information
The background to the current situation, and the cost-benefits for health, safety, environmental sustainability, the economy, leisure activities and much else have had a good airing on this weblog:
The Clocks Go Forward (But Why, Back Again)?
Time is Energy (and Daylight uses Less)
The debate will continue
This is not an issue which is going to go away, so perhaps The Time Has Come for the Big Debate on this? In our eco- and economy-driven age, we can no longer simply do things as fundamental as this in a given way just because it’s the status quo.
The full debate about BST is in the section of this website entitled BST: British Summer Time & ‘Daylight Saving’ (The Clocks Go Back & Forward)…..
Read the discussion of this article which follows the book E-store…

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  1. Just a reminder that there are on this site quite a lot of other articles (and commentaries) on this topic, too…. please see top left hand side as above*.
    Thanks for all the comments so far.
    * or go direct to the “British Summer Time and Daylight Saving” topic category on this site (see LH column of Home page) for the whole debate so far, by clicking on ‘Hilary & BST’ below:

  2. Why is our use of GMT so unequally balanced at either side of the winter solstice (this winter it began 8 weeks before and ends 14 weeks after)?
    If it were spaced (say) 7 Sundays before to 7 Sundays after December 21/22 would not most of the needs of most of the people be met?

  3. re: “The debate is only from people in the south to people in the north, because those down south dont seem to understand that the extra hour you all whine about losing – gives the people in the north extra quality of life”
    Well because Scotland now has its own parliament, why doesn’t it just keep the clocks to suit the Scots………and allow England (i.e. not block in the Westminster Parliament) to set the clocks south of the border…then everyone would be happy.
    Thats all the English ask. Please keep your dark evenings and don’t impose them on others. Then no one will whinge.

  4. i live in wales,i think they should keep to bst,it confuses my dog,as they are creatures of habit,he gets fed one hour earlier or one hour later.
    if it confuses my dog then its bound to confuse the general public,as they are so gullable!!!!!!

  5. Independence for England. Keep British Summer time and let the Scots do what they want

  6. Yet again we are plunged into darkness in the evening
    Why is the majority of the UK’s population is penalised the for the benefit of the sparsely populated parts of the county.
    In the rural areas Kids can’t go out to play as it is to dark after school leading to social isolation
    Parent won’t let their kids walk home in the dark so increasing the use of the car on school run. A road safety issue
    An increase in child accidents in the evening as kids are outside and more active in the evening. A road safety issue
    More electric light is used as people are more active in the evening adding to energy consumption and global warring.
    The M25 and M4 the UK’s busiest roads have to deal with the evening rush hour in darkness leading to more accidents
    People in urban areas are frightened to go out in early evening because of the darkeness due to fear of crime
    People who want to be socially active can’t participate in activities outside in the evening as it gets dark to early
    The tourist industry suffers because outdoor venues have to close earlier
    Increase in SAD depression because the time of day more people are active in the evening when it is darker earlier.
    Why do we need to change??
    Bring back double summer time

  7. Karen Fitzgerald

    The debate is only from people in the south to people in the north, because those down south dont seem to understand that the extra hour you all whine about losing – gives the people in the north extra quality of life, that that damm silly experiment in the 60/70 took away from us – you may think that its nice to have an extra hour of light at night, but here in the north I think we prefer to have that extra bit of light in the morning, you know it helps when trying to work on farms, and get your kids to school through 5 feet of snow in the DARK – if all those southern people would just come up to places in the highlands of scotland and even now down in central scotland you would see, that leaving bst as it is – means complete blackness till almost 9am – how does that fair for the likes of farmers who HAVE to start work at 5/6am ?

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