How Will We Know That Liverpool 2007 & 2008 Were Successful?

2007-8 graphic 119x109 001aa.jpg The 800th Anniversary of Liverpool in 2007, and the Liverpool European Capital of Culture Year in 2008, are hugely important milestones for the city. So how are we, citizens of the city or of Europe and the world, going to measure the success of these years, once we reach 2009?

Your suggested responses and answers to this question are most welcome….
Much has already been written, on this weblog and elsewhere, about Liverpool’s 800th Anniversary in 2007, and the 2008 European Capital of Culture Year.
I don’t intend just now to extend that debate – it seems to be developing all on its own… and please do continue to add your contributions on this weblog. But I would like to ask one special question, to which I would also really appreciate answers (please use the Response space below):
By what criteria will, or should, we be able to evaluate the success of Liverpool 2007 / 8?
I’m sure many people will have many ideas on the criteria we should use – or perhaps are already using?
Indeed, it would be helpful to know whether there actually are already sol

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  1. Not only is it vital that we view the Culture Company as only one of the many organisations and individual initiatives that will go to making 2008 a success or not, by doing so we will also be ensuring that there is genuine growth and a strengthening of the creative infrastructure and industry in the city.
    If this occurs the city will be able to trade on its talents globally, rather than waiting for another ‘regional’ subsidy, as we do at present.

  2. The Myerscough Report (Glasgow 1990) , and a body of research work led by the Centre for Cultural Policy Research , provided a set of effects and outcomes attributable to the impact of Glasgow’s year as European Capital of Culture.
    I would recommend that Report to anyone seeking to further their knowledge on the possible outcomes for Liverpool. However, although there are many similarities between the cities, that was then and this is now….
    In my opinion, the regeneration and renaissance of the city, as distinct from its obliteration as one of the most individual and beautiful world cities, will be signified by some of the following characteristics:
    Forward looking and adventurous decisions made by the Council;
    A welcome wherever possible for new people and ideas , in line with Liverpool’s cosmopolitan history and future;
    Genuine investment in a wide range of creative products, projects and infrastructure, including access to training education and employment opportunities in the arts;
    A local Liverpool-based TV station which produced significant artistic work in drama, writing and film;
    An entitlement curriculum in schools which nurtured creative thinking and knowledge aquisition;
    Outward-facing relationships with Europe and the rest of the world;
    An increase in civic pride, and real consulation with local communities on matters of aesthetics, and a 24/7 economy for those who wish to live and work in the city;
    Finally, a real shift in perception in the rest of the UK about what Liverpool had, has, and will continue to offer the world as a 21st Century creative city.

  3. Do we know where European Capital of Culture 2006 is? (Answer: Patras in Greece? Before that was Cork, and next year is Luxembourg.) What criteria have they chosen, I wonder?
    I read some interesting questions on a BBC Schools site about citizenship….
    How valuable would the title European Capital of Culture be to the local area?
    What gives a place culture?
    What would you do in the local area to improve its chances of winning?
    Who should choose the winner?
    How much of an honour for a city do you think it is?
    Would you be more likely to visit [one of these cities]?

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