Anger Management is a Key Skill

Emotional literacy, which includes anger management, is a fundamental of civil society. Let’s build very positively on the new acknowledgement that relational education can bring benefit to children who may be under stress and in need to support to make the most of their lives.
Good to see in today’s media that “>Anger Management is to be included in the school curriculum, at least on a pilot basis in 50 schools.
To be honest, I’m surprised it’s taken this long – but obviously pleased to see some recognition that this is necessary. As I know from work I’ve undertaken in the Youth Service, there is a real need to help young people see that sometimes ‘just walk away, stay cool’ is the very best response.
A skill for life, not just for school
But anger management, and its underlying corollary, emotional literacy, isn’t just something people require when learning in schools.
This is a fundamental for civil society – our democratic tradition, our work styles, and especially our family and personal lives, all function at a much better level when we can ‘read’ and respond to others, and indeed understand ourselves, at suitable levels of insight.
I hope this formal acknowledgement of emotional literacy – an aspect of development which has been promoted by some for many years – will over time become fully embedded in our understanding of children’s early years, in our parenting and educational skills and in our civic life. Some people already have it in spades; but everyone benefits when it’s there for us all.

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