Fifty Not Out… (Or Learning To Love E-Technology)

This is Hilary’s fiftieth contribution to her website. She discusses here how it came about, and how she would like to develop it, with you the reader, for the future.
No, it’s not my birthday; that doesn’t get mentioned much these days. But I am pleased to claim this contribution as my fiftieth piece for this weblog.
So what has been achieved? Nick Prior, my website designer, has already written something of where he thinks we’re at (see his website, bottom of this page), and now it’s my turn.
The website has been in planning for some months. Nick and I were introduced by a mutual friend, who knew I aspired to setting up a website, and that Nick, an expert in this field, aspired to developing a new mode for these. I felt I needed a virtual space to try out and share ideas, and Nick wanted to work with someone who was interested in his approach, but would engage as a relative newcomer to the medium; which certainly made me eligible for the collaboration, on the basis of knowing little about how to do websites!
After our initial discussions and work at the end of August, I took time out to think about everything, so nothing was put into the website until three weeks ago – which averages at over one piece per day. That has, on the whole, been easier than I’d anticipated; though of course it’s for others to say whether what they read is of interest. Whatever, there are plenty of things which capture my imagination and on which, I have discovered, I have something to say.
The challenge seems to be articulating ideas in a concise and coherent way – and then to write a summary which introduces and enhances that ‘message’. No doubt there’s scope to work on this, but it’s quite an interesting and different discipline for me as a writer.
What is also clear is that there’s a lot of ideas out there to sort into something more coherent, presentationally. My instruction from Nick was just to write what came to me; we’d think about more consolidated Categories later. So that’s what I’ve done, and to an extent the outcome has surprised me. (Try it for yourself sometime, it’s quite an eye-opener in terms of what you think you’re observing and considering! )…. And do please tell us if you have any particular views on how the Categories should be constructed.
I’ve also been attempting to bring some balance to these contributions. Some of them are about big, difficult or woolly issues, others are about my personal experiences and where I live. We all have a ‘home’ for our observations and ideas, and I’ve tried to reflect this in what I’m sharing.
How am I doing? People are quite frequently telling me that they enjoy ‘popping in’ to have a little read on the website, but not many of them so far have responded directly to my ideas.
Is your quietness because you agree, because you don’t agree, because the technology seems more trouble than it’s worth, or because you’re shy? I’d be really interested to know, because Nick and I are hoping to make this a space where everyone who feels so inclined, can join in. This is perhaps the ‘new e-age’ mode for discussion, when people and communities are so far apart geographically and in other ways.
Thank you for your patience and interest thus far. Please keep visiting, and please do contribute if you’d like to. I look forward very much to hearing from you.

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