Leadership & Management

Which needs to come first? Good Leadership or good Management? Can we have one without the other? And can they be done by the same people?
In the past couple of weeks I’ve received three notifications of different events about the development of Leadership – in the arts, education and regeneration. All look to be splendid conferences with excellent speakers.
It’s often implied (as indeed is the case for some of the examples here) that Leaders are Bosses; but is this necessarily so? Does it depend on the role of the ‘boss’? Are some bosses quite properly straighforward Managers or even ‘just’ administrators? At what point, or in what context, does a Manager become a Leader? Or are there occasions when a Leader may, or should, not be a Manager? (For example, is there a difference between leading by example, and managing people?)
Is this the connundrum which lies behind the desire of some excellent teachers, health workers and, say, artists and musicians, – or, come to that, salespersons or IT specialists – to perform at the highest level, but not to become Managers?
We often hear that successful organisations require flexibility and the capacity for responsive change; and this of course requires Leadership. But can an organisation offer top quality Leadership if it is not also providing good Management? And how would you tell?

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