Queen Victoria Celebrates Liverpool’s European Year

Liverpool Victoria Monument & street lights + banners for 2008 launch 136x108 058aa.jpg This is the Victoria Monument in the heart of Liverpool’s commercial quarter. However special the occasion, one can only imagine what Queen Victoria might have thought about being festooned by Christmas lights in preparation for the Liverpool European Capital of Culture in 2008; but for passers by on a very chilly evening this festive sight is one to raise a cheery little smile. Perhaps Queen Victoria would not have been amused, but in a different age we can surely innocently enjoy.

Liverpool Victoria Monument illuminated for 2008 launch 496x662 061a.jpg
PS Little did I know, when I wrote this posting, that Queen Victoria was also to be featured in a very contemporary (one might almost say Pythonesque?) mode during the opening scenes of the formal launch of the European Capital of Culture Year, on 12 January 2008 at the Liverpool Echo Arena…
08.1.12 Liverpool European Capital of Culture Official Launch Queen Victoria 'on stage' 496x288 047a.jpg

For more photographs please see also Camera And Calendar.

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