Dreamspace – A Wonderful Idea And A Tragic Event

Dreamspace Private View (Met Cathedral)  Maurice Agis 06.6.16 020.jpg The Dreamspace concept has become a nightmare for those involved in the tragedy today, which is so far from the intended outcome of the people who created it and sought to bring us happiness and enlightenment.
Dreamspace Private View (Met Cathedral)  Maurice Agis 06.6.16 011.jpg Dreamspace Private View (Met Cathedral)  Maurice Agis 06.6.16 007.jpg
The news earlier today that two people have died whilst visiting the Dreamspace installation is almost unbearable for anyone who experienced it as intended. For those who grieve it will be far beyond that sentiment – as, in a different way, it will be for those who created the idea and brought it to fruition.
Here was a wonderful idea, intended to bring happiness and a sense of well-being to those who came to experience it. I saw it whilst it was installed in Liverpool, right on the first day, before the deep unpleasantness of the incident with the young men who sought to damage it. Dreamspace is a huge concept, intended to mix beautiful light with music in an ever-changing interconnection with visitors who enter it, robed and shoe-less to increase the sense of unity with the idea itself. It is horrific to think that such a gentle sculpture could become so easily and mistakenly a place of disaster.
Art can never take priority over health and safety. It can never have priority over basic requirements for well-being. And nothing can be said to relieve the heartbreak and nightmare that for some Dreamspace has so unintentionally become. Perhaps however in the midst of this tragedy we will still know that there are artists, those who created Dreamspace amongst them, who seek sincerely to bring happiness and enlightment in their various ways to as many people as possible.

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