The Worst Day Of The Year? Not For Me!

Monday January 23rd has been declared the Worst Day of this Year; last year Miserable Monday was on the 24th January. But that’s a date I always look forward to. It’s the annual event in my personal calendar when convention decrees I get to choose a treat with family and friends. In other words, my birthday. (Let’s forget the age aspect here, surely it’s the company which counts?!) Which all goes to show that there’s only a Worst Day of the Year if we elect to see it that way. Or, as the gurus and psychologists all tell us, most of us most of the time can choose if we wish to be happy….
Apparently Monday 23rd January this year is the ‘worst’ day of the year.
Well, last year Miserable Monday was the 24th, so for me it certainly wasn’t the Worst Day; and nor, she assures me, was it some while ago for my mum and dad…. that date is my birthday, and I was their no. 1 arrival. Which goes to prove that what’s best, or indeed worst, is in the eye of the beholder. We might all be getting longer in the tooth, but my guess is few of us lose that little tingle of anticipation when it comes to the one day in the year when convention proclaims we’re Special.
So my year sometimes has no Worst Day. For lucky me 24 January is always a day for indulgence (if I can get away with it) and definitely for fun with family and friends.
Happiness is where you find it
I can be as sad or stressed as the next person – believe me – but my odd personal coincidence of dates has set me thinking. The declaration about Miserable Monday only reached me recently. For many years I’ve innocently looked forward to that date, for the opportunities / excuse it brought to meet up with people I really want to see, and, where posible, to escape the humdrum. And now here we are being told it’s the ultimate in dark and dismal days.
So there you go, or rather perhaps there I go in this case…. another year older but still hoping for a pleasant celebratory diversion, keeping my fingers crossed it’ll be OK even if it’s on the newly-proclaimed Worst Day of the Year.
How to be happy
Of course there are folk whose situations mean that, or any other day, can only be no fun at all. But most of us, fortunately, are less burdened. There are lots of findings and hints on how to be happy. There’s really not much excuse for not trying, at least if we’re moderately blessed in what life offers.
The good news appears to be that we can actually decide for ourselves to look on the bright side. There’s even a website called Authentic Happiness which says it aims to help you stay positive!
But if you’d rather stick with a few general hints than use interactive IT to take you to contentment, here are some of the ideas I’ve gleaned which seem to shine through:
** Forget about money; it only matters if you truly don’t have enough.
** Look after yourself physically and emotionally; you have value. (If you have a health or other problem, or are concerned you may have, get it sorted. Real problems require real resolutions, sometimes with the help of others. That’s part of looking after yourself.)
** You already know what not to do if you want to stay well. Now add the positives – take exercise, eat a ‘rainbow’ (lots of different fruit and veg., plus any supplements such as omega 3 which you need) and – hypocrite though I am – get enough sleep.
** Don’t dwell on what went ‘wrong’, instead concentrate fully on the good things, even the very small good things…. in the words of one commentator, ‘Thank your lucky stars about what goes right on a daily basis.’ (They mean it: every single day, not just when the whim takes you.)
** Immerse yourself in the moment, working, at leisure or however else. Don’t be distracted from the activity, enjoy or appreciate it fully.
** Seek out and share experiences with other positive people. (Could this be a special challenge for those of us born on Miserable Monday? I’m up for it, it’s not hard… everyone I know enjoys our excuse for a Bit Of A Do on that particular date!)
** Smile.
And finally, as a very wise person (I don’t know who, do you?) said, ‘If you can’t be happy, be useful.’ Which will probably have the same effect in many ways as all the other advice we’ve seen above.
So who cares what the date is? …. Worst Day or not, have a very good day!

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