The EDGE Of The Year…. And The Edge Foundation Inc.

The Annual EDGE Question is something which deserves sharing with as many as possible of those who’d enjoy challenging scientific-style ‘mind gym’.
This is the part of the annual calendar when people set themselves puzzles to solve and quizzes to answer, so perhaps it’s a good time to share a world-wide ‘quiz’ which was set twelve months ago.
The non-profit Edge Foundation Inc. sets an annual EDGE Question, published on the first day of the year. The 2005 Question was
What Do You Believe Is True Even Though You Cannot Prove It?
Answers to this question, as given by some of the most well-known ‘science thinkers’ in the world, were published by EDGE on 1st January 2005; and with subsequent contributions – 120 in all – the responses constituted 60,000 very challenging and absorbing words. (They have subsequently been edited by the novelist Ian McEwan and published by the Free Press (UK) as a book entitled What We Believe But Cannot Prove.)
The next question
So, mull over the 2005 Question today, the last day of that year – it’ll be a fascinating exercise! – and then begin to ask yourself, what will the Edge Annual Question 2006 look like?
By this evening we should know, as the 2006 Question is imminently to be published online at Edge … the responses from (I quote) a ‘”who’s who” of third culture scientists and science-minded thinkers’ should be very well worth a good read – and then the debate can begin all over again.
Perhaps you’ve been blowing away the cobwebs already, or perhaps you haven’t. Whatever, here’s an opportunity to do a bit of mind gym, no matter if you’re striding purposefully up a hill against the icy blast, or sitting snugly in your favourite chair at home. Enjoy!

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