Liverpool’s Sefton Park, April 2011

This year April in Sefton Park has been glorious. The ravages of the long years whilst it was being renovated are now firmly behind us, regrowth is abundant, and people in their hundreds – even thousands – are visiting more readily than ever to enjoy this special place.
Whether it’s to take a stroll or get fit, to feed or watch the birds, to take little ones to the playground or meet friends in the cafes, to enjoy a picnic or a concert, or simply to relax in the sunshine, on a Spring morning there’s nowhere better to be.

This may be a totally artefactual park – perhaps some would have preferred more naturalism and a little less Victorian veracity when it was restored by English Heritage – but, despite its location in the heart of the city, it is so big, and it has been here so long, that in parts it’s an oasis of peace, a place where traffic and hubbub can be neither heard nor seen….

There’s plenty of open space for family sun and fun, and there’s plenty of water for seabirds, coming off the Mersey Estuary, a mere mile away:

And then there’s the beauty of the plants and trees, never more gorgeous than in Spring, which run along the pathways to the sides of the string of narrow lakes from North to South of the park.

On a day like this, who could ask for anything more?

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