Flaming June In Ardnamurchan

Ardnamurchan, the most westerly point of mainland Britain, is not the first place most of us would look to find the dramatic Shenandoah ‘Red Hot Poker’ or ‘Torch Lily’ in bloom; after all, the Kniphofia group of plants to which Torch Lilies belong originated in Africa. But the remote north-west UK location around Loch Sunart has been showing these spectacular flowers off in profusion during the amazingly hot (up to 24 degrees C) first weekend of June this year.

See more photographs at Camera & Calendar and at Locations & Events.

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  1. Hi Hilary,
    Beautiful Place, great photos. I wish I was there…
    I am moving to NYC and will be working from Liverpool and NYC. Opening new offices on West 26th street, NYC, I hope to be able to work with many Liverpool based companies that are related to Enviromental design , sustainablitiy in my area of expertise.
    I plan on continuing the Interior design side of the business and will be consulting with architects and designers here to offer them our resources and database of sustainable European and UK suppliers.
    If you have any connections or thoughts to add to making this process more successful, I would appreciate any suggestions that you might have.
    Look forward to hearing form you or anyone who might want to comment or add to the journey.

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