Liverpool’s ‘Sage’ Of Sefton Park

Is it Merlin, or is it some other mystical creature, whose likeness arose silent and unannounced from the lone long-topped tree trunk in the heart of Sefton Park? One August morning, in the midst of the more expected park renovations of 2008, there ‘he’ was, the beautifully sculpted Sage of Sefton Park, the beginning, we can only hope, of a serendipitous array of creations in the park, for us to enjoy and create further in our imaginations as we wish.

It’s heartening that, even so long after it was first suggested, a tree sculpture has now appeared in our park, a place subject, for many months now, to less engaging and sometimes jarring disruption.
Who sculpted our ‘Sage’ and why or how, we don’t at present know [later: or at least we didn’t then]; but perhaps that mystery can be resolved [please see Comments below]? Is ‘he’ Merlin the wizard or some other mystical creature? Does he have a message, or is he simply there to lift our imaginations and to add some fun as we stroll by, or as we pop into the cafe with the kids for a little treat?
May this be the start of much more creativity and friendly magic for the imagination, in this special urban green space right by the centre of our city.
08.08.15 Sefton Park 'Sage' wood sculpture by Hanna Jelinek
Read more about Sefton Park, and see more photographs at Camera & Calendar.

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  1. Ted Clement-Evans

    Hilary – I read with interest your words on Sefton Park and your musings re the sculpture of a tree stump prompts me to recall my encounter one lovely morning in early August this year.
    I was lucky enough to chance across a slight figure with ear defenders on her head and a chain saw in her hand. She was engrossed and with deft and sure touches of her awesome 600mm long blade was putting the finishing touches to the sculpture you have christened the Sage of Sefton Park.
    When she realised our presence she switched off her chain saw and switched on her vibrant and voluble personality to tell Neville and me something of herself.
    Her name is Hanna Jelinek and she had been commissioned to transform the stump of an old oak tree, she believed to be the oldest in the park. She had come from the Czech Republic, and was living in Livingstone Road with her children in order to carry out this commission.
    Clearly she is a sculptor of great skill who works in metal as well as wood and we must all be grateful for what she has added to the charm of Sefton Park.
    Take care, Ted

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