Hilary’s Publications

A list of Hilary’s main editorial duties, publications and lectures over the years, including those written before this website was created. Some entries here are hyper-linked for immediate access. More recent publications and lectures are not listed here and are located  individually as posts on Hilary Burrage’s website.

Please note:  What follows is historical.  Recent work is as above.

2011: ‘Green Hubs, Social Inclusion and Community Engagement’, Municipal Engineer Vol.164 Issue ME3, September (subsequently shortlisted for an Institution of Civil Engineers 2012 Award.)

2009: ‘From Regeneration to Sustainability: A northern take on knowledge’, Journal of Urban Regeneration and Renewal, October

2009: ‘Where should we put the ‘evidence base’ when we make policy?’, New Start blog, July

2009: Biography (‘The tale of a jobbing sociologist’), British Sociological Association Sociologists Outside Academia magazine, June

2009: ‘Can Liverpool’s Arts And Culture Businesses Thrive Post-2008?’, Liverpool Chamber magazine of the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce, January / February

2009: ‘Was Liverpool a truly inclusive Capital of Culture in 2008?’, New Start magazine, January

2008: ‘Arachnid ‘art’, big toys and cultural communties’, a-n magazine, December

2008: ‘Liverpool 08: Cultural Turn or Cultural Tourism?’, lecture at the Architectural Association seminar supported by the Architectural Review, London, 5 December

2008: ‘If only scientists could remember – science has its responsibilities’, an analysis of the DIUS A Vision for Science and Society, Science Review, 5 November.

2008: DIUS Science and Society consultation submission, October

2008: From ‘Regeneration to Sustainability: A Northern Take On Knowledge’, keynote address at the NUREC conference, Liverpool, 28 July

2008: ‘Regeneration Rethink’ (equality and diversity), Public Service Review: Transport, Local Government and the Regions, issue 12, Spring

2008: ‘Places for People: Hope Street Quarter as a case study’, Communities and the Public Realm Masterclass, Bradford, 21 April

2008: ‘Alice in economic context’, (re: Big Science in Regional Economic Contexts: Daresbury Laboratory and the ALICE programme) Education Guardian letters page, 13 April

2008: Introductory speaker (and instigator) at the BURA Equality and Diversity Network Launch, London, 20 February

2008: Member, Editorial Support Team, Neighbourhood: The International Journal of Neighbourhood Renewal

2007: Putting scientific research in context, The Guardian (letters), 17 February

2006: ‘Can I have a speaker that reflects the community? Too white, too male and too posh. It’s time conferences had an injection of diversity’, New Start, 27 October, p.11 (website version)

2006: ‘Should women be starting more businesses?’, Vision (Liverpool Daily Post‘s regional business magazine), Summer, p.52

2006: Sure Start in Halewood: Service Provision Overview, report for Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council, March

2006: ‘No-Win or Win-Win Gender and Babies Agenda?‘, Diverse Liverpool , March, pp. 113-115

2006: ‘Knowledge Economies and Big Science: A challenge for governance,’ Centre for Local Economic Strategies (CLES) Local Work: Voice, No.68, February (website version)

2006: ‘Make a move too far and you might find yourself exposed’, New Start, 27 January, p.11 (website version)

2005: ‘Regional Issues around the Very High Skills Knowledge Economy’, Knowledge Economy Network Conference, London

2005: Evaluation Report on the Positive Activities for Young People (PAYP) & Schools and Youth Service (SaYS) Collaborative Programme, Salford Youth Service

2005: ‘The Hope Street Quarter, Liverpool’, Northern European Cathedrals Conference, Liverpool2002: ‘Cultural Tourism as a Catalyst for Renaissance’, Mersey Partnership Cultural Impact Conference.

2000: Paper presented to the Secretary of State for Culture, and the Millennium Commissioners on the Hope Street Millennium Festival, London, September

2000: ‘Imagine all the people – and all the things they’d do…..‘, Manifesto for a New Liverpool (eds: M. Lyons & J. Egan), University of Liverpool et al

2000: Art at the Heart: The Role of Established Cultural Quarters in City Renaissance (commissioning editor, for HOPES: The Hope Street Association)

1987-96: Member of Editorial Board of Gender and Education

1993: ‘The Sociology of Science and the Science of Society’, Chapter 1 of Sociology Reviewed (eds: T. Lawson et al), Collins Educational

1991 onwards: articles and reports in the arts media and cultural publications (eg: Classical Music magazine, writing as Frances South) & many response / positional documents for CAMPAM and HOPES.

1991: ‘Gender, Curriculum and Assessment Issues at 14-16+’, Gender and Education, vol.3, no.1 (March)

1990: ‘Health Education’, Chapter 4 in The New Social Curriculum (ed: B. Dufour), Cambridge University Press

1986-90: Editor, Social Science Teacher (national professional journal)

1989: ‘”Recent, Relevant Experience”: How CATE legitimates narrowly defined concepts of teacher education’ (with W. Boxall), Journal of Further and Higher Education, vol.13, no.3 (Autumn)

1987: ‘Epidemiology and Community Health:a strained connection?’, Social Science & Medicine, vol.25, no.8 – later cited by WHO

1987: ‘Striking at the Heart: sociology’s place in the school curriculum’, The Guardian, 11 August

1987: The National Curriculum 5 – 16: Response of the Joint Forum of Academic and Teaching Associations in the Social Sciences

1986: Paper delivered to the Hungarian Academy of Sciences / SANA symposium of The Socio-Economic Consequences of World War Three (July, Budapest)

1986: ATSS Submission to the Winfield ESRC Enquiry on PhD Completion Rates

1984: ‘Doctors and Patients – Bird’s Eye or Worm’s Eye View?’, Scottish Medicine (December)

1983: ‘Women University Teachers of Natural Science, 1971-2: An Empirical Study‘, Social Studies of Science, vol.13, no.1, (February) (Report of M.Sc. research of same title)

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